Space Capital Announces Space Talent, New Career Platform for Space Industry

August 31, 2020

NEW YORK CITY – Space Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on the Space economy, today announced the official launch of Space Talent (, the leading online portal for careers in the space industry and its broader ecosystem.

“Space Talent addresses a critical need in the industry right now and is a top priority for our organization,” said Chad Anderson, managing partner of Space Capital, the parent brand of Space Talent. “We are seeing a surge in demand from nearly every major industry as businesses and governments expand their use of space-based technologies such as GPS, geospatial intelligence and communications. The current pace of innovation and incoming investor interest indicates that the space economy will be one of the fastest growing sectors over the next decade, which will require an increasingly diverse workforce to unlock the value of these space technology stacks.”

Space Talent is a free career platform and central resources hub built for the global ecosystem of companies at the intersection of space and tech. With over 500 companies across 40 countries, Space Talent matches credible employers with top talent while providing insights into an ecosystem with an ever-expanding range of opportunities. The platform also works closely with many leading colleges and universities to facilitate internships and other opportunities.

Key features of the platform include:

- Job Board – Features the latest opportunities from the space and tech worlds. This includes over 5,000 current job listings, which range from launch technicians and engineering to software development, accounting, HR, marketing, senior management and more.

- Resources for Job Seekers – Space Talent provides all the resources professionals need, whether they are just getting started in the space industry or are looking to expand their careers. This includes resources and opportunities for students, recent graduates and new founders.

- Open Pitch - Space Talent helps founders experiment, build and finance new businesses by providing resources and the opportunity to receive up to $1.5M in funding from Space Capital and its affiliates.

- Startup Tools - To help get new companies started, Space Talent has curated some of the most innovative tools that unlock the space stack and make it easy to experiment and build. These platforms provide relevant data, analysis and services to enhance a business’ design. Space Talent also provides access to funding to help entrepreneurs build their own ideas.


A key priority of Space Talent is providing career and startup support for the emerging space-technology stack, which will be one of the fastest growing platforms over the next decade.

Software developers and engineers will play a significant role in democratizing space-based technologies, by building new platforms that make these capabilities more accessible to businesses here on earth, as well as the general public. In its recent “GPS Playbook” report, Space Capital predicted this convergence of traditional space-based technology with new innovation by Silicon Valley-style tech companies will jumpstart many new services and markets, spurring a wave of startups equivalent to the Dot-com and mobile app booms.

This space-tech economy is dependent on finding talent from a range of industries who will apply their unique skills to utilize new technology and solve complex challenges. Space Talent facilitates these employment connections, alongside internship and job listings, startup funding and industry resources.


Space Talent is a free career platform and central resources hub built for the global ecosystem of companies at the intersection of space and tech. Started in 2019, the platform connects jobseekers with hiring managers by centralizing career opportunities in one easy-to-search location, the “Job Board,” and by managing a curated network of incredible talent. It is also a destination for resources and insights into the space industry and opportunities for careers within it. Space Talent is an affiliate of Space Capital.


Space Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in the Space economy, specifically focused on unlocking the value in Space technology stacks such as GPS, Geospatial Intelligence and Communications. The firm is actively investing out of its second fund and manages over $40 million in private assets. Its sector focus enables it to be a true partner to its portfolio companies and unlock significant value far in excess of its investment capital. Space Capital is the parent brand of Space Angels, an angel investment platform, and Space Talent, a career platform and central node for space industry jobs.



Name: Paula-Kaye Richards