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Climb aboard an astronomical business opportunity before it takes off.

The new Space Age has already begun and the space economy is rising, but there is still time for you to get in early. In The Space Economy: Capitalize on the Greatest Business Opportunity of Our Lifetime, accomplished venture capitalist and Space Capital founder Chad Anderson offers investors, entrepreneurs, and aspiring professionals powerful tools and information on the new space economy. This information is crucial for understanding how space-based technologies have and will continue to, transform enterprise, government, and consumer markets for decades to come.

The Space Economy book


Whether you’re seeking entrepreneurial ideas worth exploring,
a career worth pursuing, or investments worth making,
the burgeoning global Space Economy represents a hidden opportunity
larger than the nascent internet at the dawn of the Millennium.

An in-depth and thorough look at evolutions in the space economy, Chad’s book is more than a space economy report. Instead, it is an insightful
and comprehensive exploration of the economy of space, and an engaging roadmap of how readers can get involved.
From global positioning, geospatial intelligence, and satellite communications to commercial human spaceflight and interplanetary transportation, this book explains how and why the space-based economy is the greatest opportunity of our lifetime.

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Readers will learn:

How to develop a thesis for investing in space economy growth and innovation at a global scale

The major and minor players in a space economics business ecosystem of epic potential—and how to identify and exploit vast areas of blue-sky opportunity still unexplored

Lessons from entrepreneurs and investors on what it takes to thrive in this new arena, including case studies of exciting startups successfully leveraging space-based technology

In-depth advice on hiring and retaining out-of-this-world talent in an increasingly competitive landscape

The in-demand skills and aptitudes of space careers—and tips on networking and getting hired at the hottest companies

Deep dives into the legal, political, and diplomatic implications of space-based entrepreneurship


A fascinating and accessible treatment of the latest, greatest, and most promising area of business opportunity since the internet, The Space Economy will be essential reading for anyone interested in seizing a brighter future.

Darrell Etherington

TECHCRUNCH Managing Editor

“Anderson is among the best-positioned people on either the investment or the operator side to weigh in on the current and future state of the space startup industry."

Matthew Weinzierl

Harvard business school, Professor of Business Administration

“Through profiles of leading companies, interviews of leading figures, and insightful analyses, this book provides an indispensable and clear-headed guide to the revolution happening in space. ”

Chris Hadfield

astronaut & former commander of the international space station

“An excellent insider’s summary of where we’ve been in space, and where we need to go. A must-read for anyone in the space business.”

Marc Ventresca

Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Saïd Business SchooL, Oxford

Readable, gripping, and fast-moving, The Space Economy is full of insights for entrepreneurs, investors, and policy-makers. The book is both a chronicle of context and concepts and a bit of a love song to this still-nascent world.

Peter Marquez

Head of Space Policy, Amazon

Anderson gives you the information to understand how, why, and where the space industry is moving – including the history of how we got here.

Richard Garriott de Cayeux

President of The Explorers Club, First Second Generation Astronaut

An insider’s look into the ‘final frontier’ of investing. The costs of space access are crumbling, safety is going up, and new possibilities abound. Investors must look past the hype to know which bold plans will work and find their market.


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Chad Anderson, Managing Partner of Space Capital

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson, LinkedInChand Anderson, Twitter

Described by TechCrunch as “among the best-positioned people on either the investment or the operator side to weigh in on the current and future state of the space startup industry,” Chad Anderson is the founder and managing partner of Space Capital, which has been pioneering investment in the Space Economy for over a decade.

Regularly featured in the media as an expert, Anderson has appeared in outlets including CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Financial Times. In addition to his work at Space Capital, Anderson serves on boards including that of the Satellite Applications Catapult, an organization that supports the United Kingdom’s national strategy to grow its space sector.