Five Space Companies to Invest In

November 19, 2021
David Lopez

The 2020s are set to be a big decade for the space industry, and with that comes new opportunities for investors to help make these space tech companies come to fruition. With the majority of excitement around space going towards a short list of rocket companies, we at Space Capital would like to broaden your horizons, and introduce investors to some of the top space companies to invest in now.

Hedron (formerly Analytical Space)

Radix @ Nanosats Database

Hedron is a space tech company building the infrastructure necessary to enable real-time communications between satellites in-orbit. The company’s Fast Pixel Network promises to set up satellite companies to deliver on their services at a frequency, and latency, not before possible, which puts Hedron squarely on the radar of a space company to invest in.

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ICON is a space company to invest in which is developing advanced 3D printing robotics, software, and materials to build dignified, accessible housing on Earth, and humanity’s first home on the moon. Ambitious, innovative, and achieving, ICON has already begun to construct and list for sale the United State’s first 3D-printed homes in Austin, TX.

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Regrow is combating climate change to make resilient agriculture a possibility for every acre of the agriculture industry through their digital platform. This space tech company’s three products, FluroSense, OpTIS, and DNDC are enabled through Regrow’s partnership with satellite imagery companies that provide the data necessary to bring their solutions in agronomy, sustainability, and carbon to life. 

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SkyWatch should be on your list of space companies to invest in, as it makes it fast, easy, and affordable for developers and GIS Managers to purchase geospatial data. Their large network of satellite imagery providers ensures that users will be able to find just the right shot of what they need, when they need it.

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Totum Labs is a space tech company providing global connectivity for asset tracking and monitoring, anywhere, at any time. Their DMSS network is now enabling low-power sensor-to-satellite connectivity where communication is direct from the endpoint to their satellite constellation anywhere on Earth, in real-time. 

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