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Space-based technologies are the building blocks of innovation

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Space Capital is a seed stage venture capital firm investing in the space economy, specifically focused on unlocking the value in space technology stacks such as GPS, geospatial intelligence, and communications.

We are actively investing out of our third fund and manage over $100 million in assets. Our sector focus enables us to be a true partner to our portfolio companies and unlock significant value far in excess of our investment capital. The companies we invest in are shaping the future.


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The history of GPS provides us with a framework for understanding how space-based technology has become a platform for innovation on a global scale. Specifically, the development of technology layers on top of space-based infrastructure and the distribution of data for mass adoption, which unlocks thousands of unique applications.

The three pillars of innovation:

infrastructure, distribution, and application


Space-based technologies are the building blocks of innovation. GPS provides us with a playbook for how space-based technologies will create new investment opportunities. Geospatial intelligence and satellite communications have similar growth potential to GPS and we’re investing to unlock that value.

Thesis chart based on GPS, Geoint, and Communications broken out by Infrastructure, Distribution and Application


Space Capital is the parent brand of Space Angels, our angel investment platform; and Space Talent, our career platform and central node for space industry jobs and 500+ companies across 50 countries.

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