Space Investment Quarterly Report

With over 10 years of data in the Space IQ: Space Investment Quarterly Report, our underlying dataset is now available in an interactive format.

Space Capital launched the Space IQ: Space Investment Quarterly in 2017 with the aim of uncovering insights about investing in the space economy, and visibility into what space companies to invest in. The data in this investment report is informed by data released publicly, SEC filings, and investor databases, as well as anonymized and aggregated info from the firm's own due diligence processes.

Now, for the first time, this unique dataset is available in a free, interactive format. Interested parties can drill into each of the defined technology stacks, double-click on certain annual data, or zoom into specific country trends.

Space Investment Quarterly Reports Equity Investment by Investor Type

In Q1, Space Economy investments rose 33% QoQ, totaling $6.5B across 103 companies. Over the last 10 years, there has been $286.0B invested into 1,779 unique space companies.

Space Investment Quarterly Report Equity Investment by Geography

The top 5 countries receiving investment are now: USA, China, Singapore, India, and France. The U.S. dominates global Infrastructure investment over the past 10 years, securing 66% of total capital, with SpaceX and Blue Origin accounting for 31% of the U.S. total.

Space Investment Quarterly Report Cumulative Investment by Stage

Early-stage deal activity remains healthy with 64%
of the total round share. Growth-stage rounds declined 36% YoY after showing signs of recovery in 2023. Late-stage and other rounds remained elevated, recording the same number of rounds with the previous quarter.



Please check out the interactive version of the Space Investment Quarterly, using the
data visualization tool PowerBI from Microsoft.

Space Capital Investment Reports Quarterly Interactive Dashboard