Q2 2022 Space Investment Quarterly
July 14, 2022
Space Capital

While investment in the space economy is changing, is there a risk:

  • While 99% of total investment has gone to Satellites and Launch industries, we are beginning to see founders raise capital and build businesses focused on Stations, Lunar, Logistics, and Industrials. In fact, $2.7 billion has been invested into these Emerging Industries over the past decade, with nearly half of that total invested in 2021 alone. The record level of investment last year was driven by venture capital firms, many of whom were investing in the category for the first time.
  • The space economy continues to experience exponential growth over the past decade – with another $6.1B invested into 92 space companies in Q2 there has now been over a quarter trillion dollars ($264.0B) of private capital fueling innovation across 1,727 unique companies
  • While we believe the macro environment will continue to cause headwinds for some space companies, we do not believe that the space economy is at existential risk
  • We expect the macro environment will disproportionately affect funding for capital-intensive Launch and Emerging Industries companies for the foreseeable future (1-3 years). Companies providing data, insights, and critical services to enterprises and governments will be better situated to grow revenues in the near term and therefore better positioned to raise additional funding



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