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The GEOINT Playbook cover
October 27, 2022
Space Capital

An investment thesis on the future of geospatial intelligence and our outlook on digitizing the physical world.

The global geospatial market is expected to grow from $63.1 billion to $147.6 billion in the next five years. This is largely due to the proliferation of spatial analysis; a critical feature of modern enterprise and consumer applications. Yet despite the growth in geospatial data creation and, subsequently, the tools to conduct geospatial analysis, working with this type of information remains complex and the number of products limited. This is in large part due to the broader industry-wide trend of market consolidation amongst existing incumbents and well-funded technology startups. This points to a conflicting theme within the geospatial industry: companies that begin as a modular technology stack (unbundled) then evolve into a vertically integrated software solution (bundled). The new “As-a-service” paradigm has unlocked scalable modular development across compute, storage, application programing interfaces (APIs), etc. and is accelerating the pace of innovation.

In this playbook we will walk through our thesis, which analyzes geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) through the lens of technology layers: Infrastructure, Distribution, and Applications. This framework helps us connect the dots from the origin and constraints of the geospatial stack to evolution and inflection within the market. It also helps us see the larger role that space based technology plays in an ecosystem that intersects with the modern tech industry and serves customers across a wide variety of markets.

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