Inside Expedition 17

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December 28, 2017

Every year Space Angels ​host​s​ Expedition, a limited group experience for of 20 of our most active investor to get an inside, first-hand look at the nascent private space industry.

Every year Space Angels ​host​s​ an Expedition, where a limited group of 20 of our most active investor members come together for an inside, first-hand look at the nascent private space industry. In prior years we’ve traveled to space industry hotbeds like San Francisco, Seattle, and Southern California, where members have enjoyed unique access to some of the most prominent entrepreneurial space ventures. Joining us on this year’s Expedition was author, journalist, British television personality, and Space Angels contributor, Sarah Cruddas, who’s joins us on this episode to give us an inside listen to Expedition 17 Houston.


Show notes

  • See photo and video highlights of Expedition 17 and past Expeditions here.
  • Study validates NanoRacks concept for commercial space station module.
  • Ad Astra Rocket Company’s plasma rocket making progress toward a 100-hour firing.
  • Private spacesuit undergoes Zero-G testing to prepare for commercial flights.
  • Space Angels provides unparalleled access to space industry - Expedition 17 is just one of many great examples. With an unmatched pipeline of compelling space investment opportunities, there has never been a better time to join Space Angels and invest in space startups.

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Inside Expedition 17

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