SkyWatch has developed an Earth Observation (EO) aggregation and data management platform to connect developers and GIS Managers with one of the largest networks of satellite imagery providers to make geospatial data easy, fast, and affordable.
Waterloo, ONT, Canada
Founded in

Company Overview

SkyWatch is enabling a new era in geospatial intelligence by providing developers with the tools they need to efficiently and cost-effectively integrate Earth observation (EO) data into their applications and workflows. The company provides a modern API through which external users can access various types of EO data in high volumes and at fast throughput speeds. The company has two product lines: EarthCache, the simplest way to integrate EO data into any application, and TerraStream, an automated data distribution platform for satellite operators.

Thesis Fit

SkyWatch is creating a marketplace for EO data and removing the barriers to entry for the broader tech ecosystem to leverage this data, similar to the impact that Trimble and Garmin had on the GPS stack. The company is a pillar in our GEOINT strategy, where we see the tech stack unbundling.